Event Day

On the day

Setting up

Cycles and kayaks must be in place by 9am Saturday 5 March 2022 at Hans Bay, Lake Kaniere (see map).

Race brief

9:45am at the hub. All athletes must attend.

Race number

To be clearly visible on the chest. Swimmers may display theirs on their arm or leg (pens will be provided at the start if required).


Must be capable of running 11.4km in the kayak triathlon and 10.2km in the swim triathlon and duathlon. All runners must run on the right hand side of the road.


Policy attached on kayak descriptions permitted.  Life jacket or buoyancy aid MUST be worn.  Kayaks must be scrubbed down before the race. Kayaks will be scrutinized at 9am at Hans Bay. If Kayaker cannot complete the course, they are to cease paddling, and raise paddle into the air.


Any type of safe bicycle permitted. Cycle helmets MUST be worn.  No drafting is allowed. E-Bike users to follow guidelines.


Swimmers must be aged 13 years as at the 4th March 2022 and be capable of swimming 680m. Swimmer wear a bright cap, and start treading water, and raise their hand if they cannot complete the course.

No road closure

All roads will be open to traffic at all times. Please obey all road rules.


Relay changes are by touch of hand.  At the completion of the kayak leg, kayaks will be cleared by marshals. Kayakers must remove life jackets and run through a chute for their time to be recorded.


Assistants may only aid competitors by directing them to canoes or cycles – NO practical or physical assistance is permitted. KEEP OUT OF ROPED AREAS and stay clear of any changeover points.

Red Cross and marshals

Red Cross and marshal volunteers are there to help you should you need it.

After race function

Prize giving will be held at Stumpers Bar and Cafe (98 Revell Street Hokitika) at 3.00pm.


Failure to comply with any of the rules of the race OR follow directions of officials OR to complete the course as set out will result in disqualification. Disputes will be handled by the Triathlon Committee, whose decision is final.