Health & Safety

The Lake Kaniere Scenic Triathlon is a fantastic event held on the West Coast of the South Island, and as an outdoor event it comes with certain risks. 

St John volunteers will be present at the hub to provide assistance should you need it.

The committee  advise that they have an Alcohol and Drug Policy which states the lake Kaniere Scenic triathlon is an event  that is free from impairment by alcohol and/or drugs 

Health & Safety Brief


The swim event has a series of specific risks. Hypothermia, oral/skin contamination, medical events, dehydration or participant losing their way are all hazards associated with the swim. The event organisers have a specific set of guidelines to mitigate these risks, but please ensure personal safety is taken regarding hydration, sunscreen (which will be available onsite), and swimming ability is suited to the course. The course is laid out with buoys, and there will be kayakers should you require assistance. In the case of needing support from a kayaker, cease swimming and raise your hand in the air. 


Kayaking ability should be suited to the length of the course. Be aware there are all levels of kayakers, from novices to experienced, and each kayaker needs to ensure they are aware of contestants around them. The course is marked by buoys, and jet boats are around the course to assist should you find yourself out of your boat or incapable of finishing the race, raise your paddle vertically above you. 


The cycle course takes place largely on a gravel road, as well as a short distance on the tar seal. The course is undulating, and the road is open to traffic. Marshals are situated along the course, as well as at the turn, and all have radios, so if you find yourself unable to complete the course see one of these people in hi-vis. If you cannot complete the course, please report in to a marshal or the event manager at the hub, as we need to be aware you have pulled out of the race. 


The run and walk events are held partially on the main road, which vehicles can drive in. competitors need to stay to the left at all times on the course and will be instructed by the marshal at the water-race turn off when it is clear to cross. The track through the water-race is in good condition, but can be slippery, and runners/walkers need to take care.