Kayak Triathlon

The kayak triathlon consists of a 10km run, 7.5km kayak, and 20km mountain bike.

Athletes begin their race at Hans Bay, running up the sealed road, turning right onto Wards Road. Running down the gravel, athletes take a right turn onto the Water-race track, running through here, then left onto the sealed road, back to Hans Bay. Running through the timing chute, kayakers then paddle South down the lake for 3.75km, turning around a buoy, and paddle back to Hans Bay. Athletes again run through the timing chute, and cyclists then cycle up the sealed road, turning right onto Milltown Road which is gravel. Cycling for approximately 9.4km, turning at a marked point, and back to the finish line at Hans Bay.

We do recommend cyclists use Mountain Bikes or Gravel Bikes for this event.